All About Me Paragraph – Liam Byrne

(This paragraph and Sway presentation is about an event that has shaped who I am as a person)

It was a hot summers day in Oahu, Hawaii. I walked along the scorching sand of the Waikiki beach towards the water. My feet burned until I reached the smooth cool wet sand by the waters edge. The warm, salt water sloshed against the shore. I waded in and the waves crashed ahead of me. Today I was going body surfing for the first time. As I swam out with my body board under me I approached my first wave. When it came I turned around and started swimming away towards the shore. I almost caught the wave but, it started to go frothy and white at the top. Soon the water was on top of me. I was under for a few seconds and when I surfaced from beneath the water I opened my mouth to take a deep breath. Suddenly, sea water was in my eyes and mouth. Stinging and burning my eyes. The salty sea water was sickening. I needed to remove the water from my eyes and mouth as soon as possible. I swam to shore as quickly as I could, ran across the scorching hot sand towards the showers. I rinsed out my eyes and mouth in the showers. The fresh shower water was the most refreshing water I have ever had. After that I tried again and again to catch a wave but my swimming was not nearly as fast as it needed to be to catch a single wave. With or without goggles I still kept getting the salt water in my eyes and in my mouth. Later, I went to an ABC store and got flippers so I could swim faster and maybe be able to catch a wave. The next day I went out again, but this time I brought my flippers and two water bottles to help rinse out my eyes so I wouldn’t have to go all the way to the showers again. It was kind of a pain carrying all of that stuff across the hot, dry beach but it was also a real pain to get salt in my eyes and I needed to rinse out my mouth when I accidentally swallowed the salt water. This time when I went out into the warm seawater I had my flippers on and they helped me swim twice as fast. The first wave wasn’t big enough so I just let it go underneath me but the second wave was perfect. I turned around pumping my feet to go forward but I wasn’t able to catch that one. After a few small waves one medium sized wave glided towards me. I was already turned around and swimming away towards the shore when this wave picked me up and sent me gliding towards the shore. It was amazing. I’m glad that didn’t let my first day’s experience keep me from trying again and experiencing the joy of riding the waves.