Element Cube

For my Element, i chose the element helium. I chose this element because i think it is a rather fun and interesting element. Helium’s symbol is HE and has an atomic number of 2. It has 2 electrons protons and neutrons, and has the atomic mass of 4.002602u. It was discovered on 68/08/18 by Pierre […]

ordering rational numbers

My partner and i used a number line to figure this out. We changed the fraction to a decimal by dividing the numerator by the denominator which equalled 4.2. we new that on a number line -3.9 is closer to 0 than -4.8 and so it was grater.

Digital Footprint

–pexels   -Your digital footprint can effect future job opportunities. By posting different things your employer can see they they can decide if your a good fit for the job or not. If you or someone else post a picture of you drinking alcohol your employer might think negativity of you, but if the post […]

Rapid Nation

This year I’m exited to learn more life skills. at home my dad is tech support for the family and i want to be better with technology so i can start helping too. my grandma and mom are worried about my eating because i don’t make myself full meals often, when i do food studies […]