Original Poem

Yes, I’m Asian

Yes, I’m Asian but that doesn’t mean I can solve any equation.

They all ask me with a textbook,

you are Asian and you supposed to understand the question

Yes, I’m Asian, but I don’t know kung-Fu and my lunch is not Tofu.

Someone called me Bruce Lee,

Things like that can’t bring me power and laughter.

Yes, I’m Asian, we built the railway and connected the whole of Canada.

We are treated unfairly but we never hate.

Because hatred will only let the evil spate.

We born with love, but hate is learned.

Open your eyes, the beauty of this world so you can find.

Yes, I’m Asian, And I am proud of being an Asian.

Where I’m From

I Am From

 Leo Zhang

I am from the theater.

From stage and colorful light

I am from the city full of a different civilization.

I am from the river from the mountain.

A mountain that covered snow and endless cold.

I am from lume the mom and Roy the dad.-

From stay calm and be outstanding.

I’m from Air Force Hospital,

BBQ and hotpot.

From my dad left my mom for 15 years.

The wrinkles on my mom’s face.

took great pains raise us up.

Human Condition

Director: Steven Allan Spielberg

The Schindler’s List is a 1993 American film that tells the story of a German businessman, Oskar Schindler’s salvation of Jews. Most of these Polish Jews were rescued during World War II. During the Holocaust, Schindler used all his property to hire the Jews, let them work in his factory to help them escape from being killed by German Nazis. A German businessman saved a nation at all costs, humans are frater, but at the same time humans are powerful too, Schindler saved 801 Jews people on his own, I am touched by the spirit of helping other human race.In the face of life, money seems so small and humble, so Schindler chose to save lives, money may allow himself to live more comfortable, he can live a good house, buy a car, buy anything he wants to buy, but Schindler didn’t,He is no longer a businessman who only sees the money, the ugly side of the war is showing, but in the same way the war is showing the beauty and the great person like Schindler.

Genocide in the 20th century SS10


Keep in mind the history, do not forget the national humiliation.We do not remember hatred, but to pray for peace.

This genocide is an unforgettable history of the world.We want to make sure that such things should not happen again on this earth.

Forgetting the lessons learned from this painful history to mankind,

history will repeat the same mistakes and our descendants will experience the same tragedies again and again.

Then the person who died at that time is really meaningless.

Reflection for Holocaust

Since the Middle Ages, German society and culture have been filled with anti-Semitism,Nazi Germany took advantage of the sentiments of anti-Semitism and antipathy that prevailed in Europe as a whole at that time. It first discriminated against and deported from the legal level, and massacred Jews afterward. The main reasons were the history related to racism, money-gathering, and Zionism.

Socials 10

For this unit, I recognize that socialism is about equality for all, with grassroots personnel as the center. For the topic No.2 and No.4,

Socialism fully supports and provides assistance when people need help, solve the problem fundamentally, look at the problem from the people’s point of view,

not the government indifferent. It is interesting that everyone in this activity is a group. Each group represents a different political party.When we stand on another parties,our way of thinking

also changes. When we look at the issue from different angles, the solutions we get are different.Of course, when we act as political parties, there are also many problems to be faced, and the

benefits to the people or the interests of the country are not balanced, We must make a trade-off between them. I think this is a very meaningful classroom activity, and I also enjoy it.


Improving Canada


From the improving Canada, I understand that Canada is an advanced and prosperous country,Simultaneously Canada still needs improvement,I only pointed out the problem of the homeless people, when I go to the downtown, where I can always see homeless people, which is very difficult to meet in Beijing,I propose the three-point ways can solve the homeless , it happens in the world.