Socials 10

For this unit, I recognize that socialism is about equality for all, with grassroots personnel as the center. For the topic No.2 and No.4,

Socialism fully supports and provides assistance when people need help, solve the problem fundamentally, look at the problem from the people’s point of view,

not the government indifferent. It is interesting that everyone in this activity is a group. Each group represents a different political party.When we stand on another parties,our way of thinking

also changes. When we look at the issue from different angles, the solutions we get are different.Of course, when we act as political parties, there are also many problems to be faced, and the

benefits to the people or the interests of the country are not balanced, We must make a trade-off between them. I think this is a very meaningful classroom activity, and I also enjoy it.


Improving Canada


From the improving Canada, I understand that Canada is an advanced and prosperous country,Simultaneously Canada still needs improvement,I only pointed out the problem of the homeless people, when I go to the downtown, where I can always see homeless people, which is very difficult to meet in Beijing,I propose the three-point ways can solve the homeless , it happens in the world.

Social 10 Nice places to live in Canada

The walkable and bike-friendly metropolis continues to have a strong presence in the world of arts and sports.

A strong sense of history makes the whole city full of another feeling. To the winter is more beautiful views than any other season.

It’s always sunny in Burlington. At least, it gets more rays than most other cities in Canada.Coastal city night is unforgettable.

Pair that with a strong arts and sports community and you have a recipe for a great place to live!