Ethical Judgement: What benefits and drawbacks of each type of change should you consider before using it?

There are many factors to consider when changing our system. The drawback to consider is the amount of time. If we spend too long on picking our representative, it wastes

Ethical Judgement: What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of our current electoral system? How fair is it?

Our current electoral system is called first past the post. This is where the most votes no matter the percentage, wins the election. The benefit of this election is that

How I benefit from Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Government

Municipal: public park (gates) Gates park is controlled by a local government. Gates park affects my life, because I play soccer and I always use the fields here.   Provincial:

Political ideologies reflections

Ethical judgement: Which political ideologies do you agree with most and least? Provide examples of how they align or misalign with your beliefs. Liberalism and socialism are the two political

math 10 – week 17

This week in math, we learned how to find tn in arithmetic sequence when not given t1 and a pattern. first we need to find the difference(how much it goes

Astronomy Wonder Project

video: introduction The question I wished to answer was “can we ever travel to another galaxy”. I choose this question because it was the biggest space related question I’ve ever

my future lifestyle

In conclusion, even with a higher budget than others, I found it relatively hard to manage cost as I am a big eater.   PART 1: Budget Career What is

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