Electric house project

1. u have three lights bulbs. All have the same intensity when lit. Explain how you can prove to a classmate that they are connected in series by unscrewing one light bulb. Support your answer.
By unscrewing a light bulb, we found the other two light bulbs didn’t go out of power instantly as we expected before experiment. We later discovered that even though the light bulbs was unscrewed, the bottom of the light bulb was still conducting power. As so the power would still transfer power the other two light bulbs under the situation when we have a completed circuit. However, if the light bulb was the conductor then as soon as we unscrew it, the entire circuit flow became incompletely so the electrons would not be delivered and the other two light bulbs could not be light up.

2. You have three light bulbs. All have the same intensity when lit. Explain how you can prove to a classmate that they are connected in parallel by unscrewing one light bulb.
When we were saying the light bulb was connected in parallel, it means that there is equal or more than two ways for electrons in battery to get from the negative terminal to the positive terminal for parallel circuits. When parallel circuit was present, even one of the light bulb was unscrewed the other two light bulb would still be lighting.The explanation for this was there is no way to make this circuit to become a n uncompleted circuit

3. You have three light bulbs. Two are connected in parallel. This parallel combination is connected in series with the third light bulb. Describe the relative intensity of each bulb. Support your answer.
When there were 3 light bulbs connected in series, the relative intensity of each one will become equally strong because there is one battery available for each light bulb. Therefore, they contained no different intensity between each others.

4. In question number three, describe the relative intensities of the two remaining lit bulbs if one of the bulbs in parallel was unscrewed. Support your answer.
Reflect on the quality of your ability to collaborate during this project What did you do well. Or What could you have improved.

During the electric house development project, I feel confident about the elevator of the house which was designed by myself. And I provided idea, I told myself about putting the battery on the roof as a solar device which can absorb energy from the sun and save electricity. For the part I need to work more on is communication with katlin,kris. We only had chance to meet up on the class and also lunch and some parts of house development was not as great as what we initially planned. We should follow what Ms.jaskson encouraged us to do, talk to your more frequently and communicate with kris and l’s opinion to make project more flawless.

My Wonder project, Shooting Stars questions

Shooting star questions part 2.

1] what question did you need to research in order to research your topic.
There was a couple of questions that i researched to find my topic more interesting. The first question that i researched was How does knowing this help us understand our galaxy?. thw secound question was Is there any relationship to seeing a shooting star and a person, lucky ?. These question found my topic more interesting and made me think about the galaxy.

2] what new or familiar digtal tools did you try to use as you worked through this project.
The familiar digtl tool that i used to find and that help me through working on this project is when i used google chrome. when i use this google chrome it helps me alot better then anything else.

3] what was the process you used to investigate the topic.
what i did to investigate into this project was literllay trying to find the answears to all the questions. but when i was trying to investigate in looking for what important and what’s not but i think when i was looking i was looking in the some what in the wrong place but then when i look up the queations i has to research i found some really interesting thing about the shooting stars.

4] how did you verify and cite the information you found.
How i did all the verifying and making everything interesting for me is when the information is making sence in my head and trying to think and putting into my own words and making look like shooting stars are not lame and boring but when i came across some good information i put into the post and it makes me learn about something i never learned before.

5] how did the process of completing this chanllenge go? what could have yo done better?
I think when ii was making this shooting stars post i was learning about how the galaxy really worked but the one thng that i had really a struggle is with finding question and trying to answer them but then onces i had all the questions if was easy for me to simply find all the answers to everything. But the one thing that i would like to do better is make sur i have everything and to make sure i put everything into my own words and make sure that i add more information into my wonder blogpost.