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Avocado egg in a hole:

This dish is mainly directed to show an egg which is the center piece of the dish. For bread; bagel is being used and for the filling there’s avocado and cheese.

Egg Avocado and Bagel Egg in a hole CMS2


Avocado Egg Salad Sandwich

This sandwich is perfect for busy days or lazy days. It can be made in advance for a lunch on the go or for a fast sit down lunch with family and friends. It’s an easy dish to assemble when in a rush if the bacon and egg is cooked the day before.  The dish mostly has eggs in it with bacon, tomatoes and arugula for more flavour and so it looks alot more appetizing.


Easy Spinach And Bacon Fried Rice

It’s an easy and simple fried rice dish with bacon and eggs. The dish highlights the egg which is why it is being placed on top of the fried rice rather than mixed in the fried rice.

Cooking Time

Avocado egg in a hole

For the recipe I used 1 bagel, halved, 1tbsp butter, 1/2 avocado, sliced, 2 eggs, pinch salt/pepper and 1 cheese slice instead to make only one dish and not two dishes. 








Cooking the product


Final, plated product



Clean kitchen




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