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climate change and melting glaciers (blog log 2)

Climate change has always interested me because people are so quick to ignore it and pretend like it doesn’t exist. It has always troubled me how people could even possibly brush off one of the worlds biggest problems. I have always been intrigued at hearing others ideas towards a solution for climate change, and what small things people can do everyday to help. Another problem the world is facing with climate change is melting glaciers. In central Asia a warming climate change and vanishing glaciers means less water, and dead crops for their towns. Writer Jeremy Engle composed an article along with a PowerPoint, in an attempt to enlighten people about what climate change really means, and what affects it has on other people around the world. His work describes the struggles and research the towns people have to go through to prove the glaciers are retreating, and how they are trying to overcome the problems resulting from their loss of water supply. I like this article because it really opens your eyes to how much climate change is rapidly increasing and what we need to do to stop it.


The mars rovers final days (english 11 bloglog)

As we have seen on the news and all-over social media, the mars rovers final mission came to a close. It was saddening for all who worked at NASA following its long journey. This article interested me because I have always been fond of space, and worlds beyond our own. When I has first heard the rover had died, I felt sad, because it provided us with so much information on what else is out there other then our world, and to see that all come to a close was sad. The author had a style of writing that felt like he was there at NASA when the rover said its final words. He was very descriptive while talking about the last mission and the emotions that everyone else felt. This article gave me a sense of inspiration that anything is possible, we where able to collect data from a planet we have never explored before and send it all the way back to our planet, and I find that amazing. This article was very insightful and educational to all the work and effort the NASA scientists do, and how they feel when one of their greatest missions comes to an end.


My Brand

My brand is designated for my company the orca research society, where you protect and study orcas in the wild. Orca research society also protects wild orcas from captivity and keeps whales and dolphins out of marine parks.

slogan: ‘May all things be wild and free’

3D printer project drafting 10

I wanted to create somthing that would be useful to me. So i created a phone holder so i could charge my phone without it falling off the a table or on the floor. I wanted a design that was sturdy and not easy to break so I created a stronger design with a charger hole and walls to prevent the phone from sliding out.

Science 10 babies



2) Light brown skin, long eyelashes, round face, straight brown hair, light blue eyes, dimples.

3a) The coin flip is an accurate representation of the 50/50 chance that your child will carry either the mother or the fathers traits.

b) it represents real life because all children have a 50/50 chance of picking up traits and for each feature of the child we had a 50/50 chance of getting them. It is not accurate however because when using the coin we each had to pick a side heads or tails. In real life there are no heads and tales and we cannot decide which features from who our child will have.

c) most peoples prejudice was a unibrow, face shape, chin shape, and mouth shape. I think these prejudices have always been around usually in any day and age people found a unibrow or cleft chin unattractive or undesirable, people havent seem to be able to get rid of these prejudices over time and they still occur today.


Drafting 10 orthographic projection iPhone

I am creating an orthographic projection plan for my iPhone 7. An orthographic projection is a method of projection in wich an object is decipted or a surface

mapped using parallel lines to project its shape onto a peice of paper or blueprint. I am using three displayed views, one being the front of the iPhone 7, the bottom of the phone, and the side of the phone. I also created a isometric projection of my iPhone, an isometric projection is a method for visually representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions and engineering drawings.


Tinfoil boat experiment science 10

summary: we had to create a tinfoil boat using a 5 by 6 peice of tinfoil, 2 small marshmallows, 2 toothpicks, and 1 peice of tape. The challenge was to see which groups boat could hold the most pennies in a bowl of water without sinking.

Hypothesis:  our boat will be able to hold 40-50 pennies without sinking, if we make the sides of our boat strong then the water will not be able to flow in easily.

conlusion: our boat ended up holding 48 pennies after sinking. We came in second place. The strong sides of out boat definitely helped the stability and stopped water from flowing in.

Core competencies socials 10 #1,#2

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