hi I am leukodysrophy well a cell anyway i live inside a boy named Adam. My job is to affect Adams muscle tone, body movments, walking style, speech, how he eats food, eye sight, hearing, mental ability and behaviour, I was created in a genetic gene with and x-linked automosal ressesive, that means Adam could only inherit me from both of his parents that carried the gene. I am very Rare in children only 1 in four get leukodstrophy. Adam is amazing and I don’t ever want to leave him but he thinks different, he wants me to leave so bad I I don’t understand why it’s very risky to get rid of me and complicated and hard. He would have to go through a series of tests like physical examination, blood test, MRI scans and lots more. But my job is not easy I am the boss of everybody in the nervous system and the brain I have to tell everybody how to act and behave for example I have make shure that I disrupt Adams growth I have to disrupt the insulation on his nerve cells. but what I do only becomes worse and more complicated throughout time. Another big job that effects Adam the most with me is me and my other buddies have to make shure that white matter in his brain does nit generate properly and becomes deformed so Adam cannot do normal day to day things. As I become stronger Adams eyesight and hearing becomes weaker and I have more room to grow and become more powerful. But one day I noticed some of my other buddies whent missing they can’t be hard to find they look identical to me but wherever I looked they could not be found, within a few months I noticed I felt ill and was not that same It was like I was deteriorating into nothing I had never felt this weak in my life. I noticed Adam was going to the doctors a lot and the doctors where not helping with my plan to take over they mad it harder and me more weaker till one day I just gave up I was done and gone Adam seemed to be walking and moving all my hard work was just gone. Adam was now happy and joyful.


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