math ten week 9

this week in math ten week did lots of review for the midterm. I found all the class time very helpful and all the review sheets as well. I learned new thing in my review and I have mastered almost all the topics. I had some difficulty with negative exponents I just have to remember to recuperate to get a positive exponent and when you reciprocate you don’t have to recuperate the whole thing.

CLE 2 week goal

What was your goal?
My goal was to drink 4 liters of water every day for 2 weeks.
Did you achieve it? How or how not?
I semi completed my goal, somedays I would drink more then four and other days I would just drink 3 liters. I happy with what I completed at the end of the two weeks.
What was the most challenging part of archiving your goal?
The hardest part was remembering how much water I have drink that day by week two I got an app that tracked my water so that really helped. I was also hard to drink 4 liters on day I wasn’t as active.
What would you do differently next time?
Next time I would get the app the first day so I could track it easier. I would maybe say 4 liters on days I’m active and 3 on days I’m not.
Will you continue with this type of goal?
I don’t think I will continue with this goal I am happy with where I am in my water consumptions is at. I personally don’t like setting goal I get stressed out and forces way to make of my time on completing it. Then if I don’t achieve it I get mad and upset so I personally try to find other way to mark my success