Scientific Method & Paper Airplanes

In class, we did a lab procedure on how the weight of a paper plane affects how far it will go. Our hypothesis was that a heavier plane will get weighed down so a lighter plane will go further. Our hypothesis was wrong and the heavier plane went further. If I was to do this lab again I would try to be more exact of where it’s being thrown from and I would do it in a more open space because one of our planes just kept hitting the wall so we couldn’t measure exactly how far it would actually go. I would also have the same person fold all the planes because we each folded one and they didn’t all look the exact same. Through this lab, I learned how weight affects how far a paper plane will go.

The picture to the left is of the lightest and heaviest plane and the picture to the right is where we threw the plane and on the ground is one of our planes.

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