Apology to First Nations

On behave of Canada, we owe a great apology to the First Nations for several events. Some of these include the treatment of residentials schools, Bill C-31, white paper, and the Oka Confrontation. Residential schools took Aboriginal kids out of there homes and took away their culture by isolating them and forcing them to do things a different way. To all residential school survivors, you will be compensated (Healing foundation) with some money although we know money cannot solve the torment you went through, we hope over time you can forgive us. We also apologize for bill C-31 which decided who has Aboriginal status and who doesn’t. If you come from an Aboriginal background you have a right to that status. The white papers were created to make first nations equal to the rest of Canada which ended up being more of an abolishment to “Indian” status. We also apologize greatly for the Oka crisis which was a dispute over land that belonged to the Mohawk people. This ended up as a violent dispute which caused torment to many and for that we apologize. In conclusion, on behave of Canada we are very sorry for all we have put you through. This is a teaching lesson for all of us and we hope in the future we can move forward from this.

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