Photo VoiceB

In this photo, one sees a bottle floating along a river but the message it gives out is so much more powerful. I feel very strongly against plastic pollution and this picture represents it.

I took this photo because I thought it would draw attention to the bottle since it had some colour. The purpose of my photo was to raise awareness about plastic pollution specifically in our waters. It’s sad to see this beautiful river with an amazing view filled with plastic. This photo also got me thinking of how plastic got into the river and how long it had been floating there for. I am against plastic and pollution, and when others saw this photo, they all interpreted it the same as me. I believe this is because pollution can be a controversial topic, but a lot of people have the same point of view on it. I think it is a very important topic because it’s not just affecting me it’s affecting everyone in our community, along with the animals in the river. I was able to use my photovoice to show the concerns I have on plastic pollution. It’s amazing how just one picture can represent such an important issue. I want people to see this photo and have the same feelings as me.

In conclusion, I believe the government should set policies on single-use plastics. If they set laws in place, oceans and rivers would hopefully become less polluted. In the meantime, I believe people should act on plastic pollution and make sure their garbage is going to the right places.

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