Sugar Nutritional facts

Measure the sugar in the following:

Child, Small, Medium, Large McDonald’s pops (coca cola):

Child: 350mls has 28g of sugar

Small: 440ml has 39g of sugar

Medium: 570ml has 56g of sugar

Large: 860ml has 82g of sugar


Gatorade: 591ml has 35g of sugar


Energy drink (Red Bull): 240ml has 26g of sugar


Can of pop (sprite): 355ml has 38g of sugar


Fruit Snacks (Welch’s): 30g has 12g of sugar


Chocolate Bars (Hershey’s bar): 43g has 24g of sugar


Junior Chicken Sandwich: 132g has 5g of sugar


(Froot loops) 1 serving of cereal: 27g has 9 grams of sugar


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