2 thoughts on “Poco-opolis 500

  1. A very engaging video lab. The work you did to produce it really helped you communicate your procedure and your findings. You have thoroughly included all the parts of a lab and have come to a great conclusion. I like how you included the independent, dependent and control variables in your lab. I also appreciated the graph of results! How is documenting a lab in this way different than handing it on paper?

    1. Thanks Mr.Robinson, I really appreciate the time you took to look over our video. We really enjoyed making this video together, we liked getting to pick our groups for this project. Me and my partner worked very well together and the process went really well. I enjoyed making it as a video. I really enjoy editing and making videos, also it was easier to split up with my partner. Even though we lost the Poco-Opolis 500 we had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

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