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On Tuesday September 18th we had a Skype call with Gombe High School in Uganda. On our Skype call with them we talked about a variety of things. We learned a lot more about their school and daily lives. We learned what they eat, what subjects they do, and what there view on there politics and climate are. What interested me most was how different their lives are compared to ours. I did not know that it was a boarding school so I did not know that they slept there. Also the fact that our school days are shorter and then after school we go to our houses to see our family’s. I thought it was very interesting to connect with people across the world. I have never experienced anything like that before. I have never been to Africa so I did not really know much about it before. We learned about how they have limited access to electricity. Overall it was a very good experience that I will not forget.

things we could help with:                                                                                                                        Electricity  internet/ lights                                                                                                                            Clean sustainable  water that is easy to access                                                                                  education quality

Some things we could do to fix there water quality is make water purifiers for there lake and rivers or we could raise money. It is unrealistic for us to be able to make something as big as a water filter for a lake or a river but we could make individual water filters to help some of the smaller communities in Africa.

I decided to choose clean sustainable water as my focus because yes things such as internet access is a good tool to have but it isn’t a necessity to survive. Unlike water which you need to survive. Even though not everyone in Africa is affected by this many are especially in the developing countries.

The rest of the information can be found in the following word doc.

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Debrief: I would say my post is pretty good because I followed all the criteria and put in as much information as I could. Things I could improved on is next time I would like to take more pictures of the experience.  The only pictures that I have are the three from Mr.Robinson. I also probably could have added more of a procedure for how to make the water filter but I already had a lot of information so I decided just to put in a video.

4 thoughts on “Connection Based Learning

  1. Yes, it was interesting to hear the differences between our school and the school in Uganda. I really appreciate the detail that you put into your research on water purification. Do you think that you could create a prototype of the filter you described? That would be amazing. Keep innovating!

  2. Very interesting idea Lauren. I was wondering do you have an estimation on how much it would cost to make one of these water filters.

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