Safety Story and Map


Map Key:

The safety devices are all highlighted in bright colours on my map. The following shows what safety device each colourful square is.

yellow: Safety blanket

green: eye wash station

pink:emergency shut off (gas& electric)

red circle: fire extinguisher

orange: sharps bin

blue: broken glass bucket

purple: safety glasses

Not all the safety devices are located in room 202 the fume hood, emergency shower, and second eye washing station is located across the hall in room 201. If there is an emergency and you get hurt the first aid teacher is Mr.Columbo.

If there is a fire the fire alarm pull is by the lockers between room 206& 207

2 thoughts on “Safety Story and Map

  1. You did a fantastic job on your safety story. I really appreciate your attention to detail in communicating your understanding of safety issues in the Science class. Great job highlighting the sections to make them even clearer!

    1. Thank you Mr.Robinson for checking out my blog post on Science Safety. I learned a lot more about science safety and better understanding the WHMIS signs.

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