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Peer Tutoring 11- Final Assignment

This conversation was recorded with Jash.

The Piano Man

Il Genio Grandioso

Fahrenheit 451 Visual Aspect

These images are a representation of Guy Montag’s journey as an average citizen, not as a hero. I used China as an example both in the collage and in the essay because of its famous censorship system. John 8:32 verse… Continue Reading →

Il Scambio

Il Scambio


Titan I need a moment So I can listen to the stars Mourning in their stories Their arduous twinkling, so far and sparse.   History has a tendency to remember victory But Victory forgets the lost. Society always neglects to… Continue Reading →

Riccioli d’Oro e i tre orsi


Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

In this presentation, I was given the role of Connector and Visual Enhancer. We worked with pages 32- 38. The main ideas of my jobs were: to make text to text/ text to self/ text to world connections, and to… Continue Reading →

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