Medical Debt, Explained

Bernie vs the (Corporate) American healthcare system

In Canada, medical debt is a concept (thankfully) unfathomable to most citizens, thanks to universal healthcare– a group of socialized health insurance plans that provide coverage to all Canadian citizens. The problems that come along pale in comparison to the American healthcare system, which for many outsiders, appears as something out of a dystopia.

In a September 2019 article written by Dylan Scott for Vox News, Bernie Sanders– a candidate in the upcoming USA election– reveals his new plan to eliminate all medical debt. “Sanders already supports Medicare-for-all, which would all but eliminate medical debt in the future by making health care free when you visit the doctor or the hospital. But his new proposal is about the millions of Americans burdened with billions of dollars in existing debts. Sanders says he wants to solve their problem too, ” said Scott. By keeping the article “straight to the point,” Scott provides a skillful demonstration of what a well written, bias free news article looks like. Instead of droning on about the opposing opinions that can be formed, he keeps it short and concise.

“In the United States of America, your financial life and future should not be destroyed because you or a member of your family gets sick,” Sanders said in South Carolina Friday. “That is unacceptable,” said Scott.

The American healthcare system is working exactly as it was created. It is, however, saddening to grasp that it was never designed to benefit people.

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