Things I Hate About Public Transportation

  1. I am proud of the humour that I incorporated throughout the course of my rant. I think that it was worth a chuckle or two.
  2. I am happy that I managed to present without physically panicking too much. The presentation itself went a lot better than I thought it would.
  • I would like to work on my physical presentation skills. I hope than one day I am able to speak in front of a group without feeling so anxious.
  • I would like to work on proper body language. I’ve found that when I am presenting a poem, I forget what to do with my face and hands. I’m certain this is due to anxiousness, but it is still very relevant.


Public transport is a fantastic idea. It’s accessible, it’s safe, and it is better for the environment. If this is the case, then why is it still vastly under-utilized by the general public? Well, the description previous is wrong.

All these positive statements have actually turned public transport into a nightmare.While I am on a bus, all I feel is misery and sadness at the prospect of the journey continuing.

One of the worst things about public transport is that people who lack an understanding of how important hygiene is use it. As soon as I step on a bus I can guarantee that I will end up sitting next to something or someone not from this planet. That is a possibility that I don’t wish to face. The odds are that they will have not showered or put on deodorant, thus making the journey even more miserable, for everyone involved.

The people who decide that their belongings deserve their own seat need to know this: Just stop. Unless your enormous bag (that’s sitting on the only seat left) will object to being thrown on the ground so that I can sit, then IT DOESN’T NEED IT’S OWN SEAT!

It’s like the many bus drivers that highlight their passive aggressive hatred for their jobs by driving the buses on their own time, with no regard for the schedule. The busses are never on time, either way too late, or way too early. The times and routes are so off, it drives me crazy!

Don’t even get me started on the people who decide that they have to sit right next to you when the bus is almost or completely empty. This is a next level form of creepy. How do you even respond when this happens? There is no simple way of responding to individuals who lack bus etiquette without sounding like a complete bitch.

Generally speaking, I’d much rather face a long walk to nowhere than a bus ride filled with everything I can’t stand.


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