Readers Response: “A Television Drama”

Part A- The Reporter’s POV

I’m standing in the middle of mayhem, here. Terror has struck a small, seemingly innocent town as a murder suspect has been seen running through the streets from the authorities. Police have warned local residents to remain inside their homes as the suspect is assumed to be armed and dangerous. If you see him, do not approach. Instead, call for the police. He has attempted to injure authorities, so it is critical to stay away from him. Keep your children and any pets you may have near to you. If spotted, do not attempt any form of negotiation or conversation. Keep yourself safe and call for the police.


Part B- Media and “A Television Drama”

People often have emotional responses to media- illuminated reports of violence. A typical, emotional response could sound like “Oh my gosh, I/my friends/my family could have been the victim.” Carolee’s response was contradictory in the sense that she let a saturated news event decide if she was sane.

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