TOKTW 2016



A picture of what my environment looked like

I went to work with my father- Dean. He works as a plumber, aka a service technician.

The Interview:

What is your job title?: Service technician

what is your job description?: I mainly fix plumbing and heating systems, though sometimes I’ll fix an electric.

What are the tasks you perform at your job?: I replace and fix parts, valves, and pumps at different buildings and and businesses.

What qualifications do you have in training: served an apprenticeship, took a lot of courses  Education: For the first 4-5 years I worked most of the year and went to school for 3-6 weeks. Experience: been working for 26 years in total.  Skills: Journeyman plumber, class A glass fitter, Cross connection control tester

What are some things you like about this job?: fast paced work environment (most of the time), variety; different building every day, meet new people

What are some things you don’t like about this job?: Traffic, paperwork, complications with equipment.

How do you anticipate this job changing in the next 5 years or so?: Technology advancements will certainly make an impact.

How many injuries have you suffered as a result of this job?: About half a dozen. Most serious was when I twisted my knee


Three reasons why you would like this job:  I would be doing hands on work, I would be learning something new every day, and I would be learning about a different social crowd- a crowd that I think is under valued.

Three reasons why you would not like this job: The work pace would be too fast for me, the hours would be very long and tiring because you are always needed somewhere, and the risk of injury is very high.

Is this job for you?: This job is not for me because I feel that I would become bored with it easily. It involves using a lot of logical thinking, which is not my style. There are costly consequences if I make a mistake.

Explain the values of the TOKTW experience: I learned a lot of useful tips and tricks that I hope to use some day. I would definitely consider this job as a career if my plans for after high school don’t work out.

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