Governing Quebec paragraph

As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebéc. I have chosen the policy of Isolation to ensure that the colony is properly run. This policy shall allow the French, Native peoples, and British to live happily side by side. There will be no room for war or genocide with this policy in place. Possibilities of trade and wealth shall be eliminated because us British folk do not need to rely upon anyone. Deporting the French is a thoughtless plan because of the possibility that they come back and declare war upon us. Assimilation would wreak havoc because of the possibility that the Canadiens and Aboriginals will rebel and steal from us and destroy the colonies. When hardship comes, we will fight our own battles without assistance from our neighbours. As I have outlined above, I believe the best policy for governing Quebéc is isolation. This will ensure that the colony will remain under British control and provide Wealth for our glorious country.

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