Math 10 Week 3

This week in math 10 we learned how to find the reference angle using SOH CAH TOA.
For example, if we have a triangle with an adjacent of 12 and a hypotenuse of 40. Knowing we have these numbers tells us that we have a cosine of 12/40 which you then multiply by cos-1. the next step is to divide 12 by 40 which equals 0.3 and then you also multiply that by cos-1. And the answer should be 72.5. To double check that I have the right answer, I can see if the reference angle is below less than or equal to 90 degrees.

Math 10 Week 2

This week in math 10 we learned about exponent laws.

The multiplication law: When the bases are the same you only add the exponents.

The division law: when the bases are the same you only subtract the exponents.

The zero law: if the base if to the power of 0 your answer will always end up being 0.

The power of a power law: the brackets tell you to multiply everything on the inside by the exponent on the outside.

The negative exponent law: when there is a negative exponent, you reciprocate it so then it becomes positive and then you evaluate it.

Week 1 – math 10

This week in math 10 we learned about prime factorization. Prime factorization is when you are finding the factors of a number until they are unable to be broken down any further. Since I hadn’t done math for a couple of months I was a little lost with all of this but I found that doing a factor tree was much easier for me to show the factors. I think this helps me because I can see all of the factors on one side and not get them confused. Once you find out what the prime factors are, the next step is to write the original number and then the equal sign and after you do all of that you can then write them as a product.

882= 2x3x7x21