16 Personalities

My personality type is the Architect. Three words to describe myself would be rational, open-minded, and introverted. When you have a strong personal awareness of yourself and others, you understand yourself and others better—it can also help you in many areas. In school, it can help during group projects when discussing how to go about it; if you understand yourself and your group mates better then work can be divided in a more efficient way. The same applies to the workplace. In that situation, it also helps one critically think about what sort of career they’d be good at. Although all of this can be helpful, these tests can sometimes be flawed, too. The tests place people at either end of a spectrum and don’t allow for any people in-between, which can mean some people are labelled inaccurately. I personally also found some of the questions in the test over-generalized in a way that made it hard for me to place myself on the spectrum.

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