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A Spiral of Society

The world is a scary place. The people with the loudest voices in society are often only self-interested, their closed-minded ways harming all of us. The world also isn’t the place it used to be. In many countries discrimination is no longer seen as ‘okay.’ Regardless of this fact, many people are not used to the idea. Their closed-minded natures have kept with them through the years as they watched the world grow and develop into what it now is.

This leads me to wonder about many things. Am I in the position to judge someone who has experienced something I haven’t? If I were them, would I be the same? What do I even know about the world? These questions plague me and there is a simple answer which comes to mind: once a human develops a certain mindset, it is incredibly difficult to change that mindset. It may be nearly impossible in many cases. So, if I were in their position, I probably wouldn’t be much different. Even if I tell myself, I would never be the same as them, it doesn’t change these sorts of facts.

I‘m the type of person who reads news online. Although, if you asked me which sites I frequent, I couldn’t answer. I read countless different news sites run by many different types of people from many different places. I place heavy importance on this habit; if one tends to only read certain news sites that put out content from the same point of view, one may become closed-minded. When one reads many news sites it becomes easier to see issues from all view-points, not just one. It’s important to read about all views and sides to issues with an open-mind so one can form their own opinions after knowing all of this. If I were to read stories through views that already align with mine, I could grow into a rut of sorts. It is best to do everything in your power to keep an open mind as you grow with the world.

The passion for knowledge within me is what keeps me going; I always want to know more about the world and everything in it. And, at the end of the day, I always stand for open-mindedness. To the depths within my soul, every inch of me stands for open-mindedness. The possibility that I will become stubborn in my views like the others I disapprove of the most appalls me. I always want to be able to recognize what is right and wrong as well as understand that my opinion isn’t necessarily the ‘correct’ one. I express this passion through my voice; I take pride in my voice which only gets louder as time goes by.

To me, knowledge means open-mindedness. It means seeing all sides of the story. It means pushing away any stubbornness one might feel and forgetting one’s ego. Stubbornness and ego are never needed in the face of knowledge. To grow our knowledge, we need to put our self in everyone’s shoes before coming to form an opinion. Knowledge is knowing not to trust everything you see and hear; it’s checking lots of different sources to confirm facts.

I believe that everyone should have a say in how society works. We are all humans living on this planet together, so we all deserve a voice. Unfortunately, often the people who are most closed-minded and stubborn in their views have the loudest voices which trumps over others and decides how society should work. People need to come together to form a voice that is louder than those voices, the voices which speak inflexible words. In our society today, we need the open-minded voicing their thoughts on how society should work.

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