English 11 Reflections

In English 11 I learned about a lot of things that I didn’t think I would ever learn in a classroom environment. For example, we had an entire unit based on identities. We discussed what those identities meant and what it felt like to identify as such as well as conflicts that one might face because of their identity. I think this unit is really important to teach kids in school because it helps them understand others better; it gives them a chance to become more open-minded and aware of other identities one may have. It’s a way to try and help kids develop more empathy for others who are different from them, and it is important to teach.

This unit specifically did challenge my thinking in a way I didn’t expect; I was forced to think in a different way than I usually do. I think this will definitely help me in the future, being able to think in such ways are a valuable skill to have in life.

There isn’t specifically one book, story, or poem I liked more than the others in the identity unit. I liked them all because they were all very different and talked about different identities and conflicts that may arise because of one’s identity. Each piece of writing helped me to think differently and expand my thinking even more.

Overall, English 11 was a surprise in what we learned, but a good surprise at that. I’m glad I was able to have this chance to learn about something I otherwise would not in such a context. I hope that future grade 11’s are given the chance to learn about identities in this unit and hopefully expand their thinking and become more open-minded.

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