Rube Goldberg Machine – The Ring Master

Written explanation of each step:
A: I light the string on fire which is attached to a sturdy object and to the ball, the string breaks in two
B: The ball now no longer attached to the string that was holding it back, falls down a ramp
C: The ball falls into a funnel
D: The ball falls out of the funnel and falls down a second ramp
E: The ball hits a book (instead of dominoes, I used books) which knocks over other books behind it
F: The last book falls over, ringing a bell which is the end task

Description of Energy transfers:
1: Thermal energy from the flame of the lighter, lighting the string on fire turns into mechanical energy by the ball falling down the ramp
2: Gravitational energy from the ball being held back by a string at the top of the ramp turns into mechanical energy from the ball falling down the ramp
3: Mechanical energy from the ball falling into the funnel turns into mechanical energy from the ball falling down the second ramp

At the end of the video, after my machine had run its course you will see me blowing on the string since it was still slightly on fire and holding my hair back. I purposely left in that bit because everyone found it rather amusing. But don’t worry everything was under control, I did that multiple times.

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