Salad Rolls!

        I did enjoy this lab because, I have never made or eaten salad rolls before so it was very interesting learning how to make them. I

TOKTW 2016

Photo’s of the work place              The Interview: What is your job title?   Territory Manager What is your job description?   Sales; Trying to get

Egg Recipes

Breakfast:   This recipe is for egg breakfast quesadillas, it has scrambled eggs, ham, cheese, and salsa inside a tortilla wrap.             Lunch:  This

Governing Quebec paragraph

As a British official, I realise there are many alternatives to governing Quebec. I have chosen the policy of maintaining the status-quo to ensure the colony is properly run. Maintaining

Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint will almost definitely affect your future opportunities. For example, if you posted a photo of you doing something illegal, like underage drinking or use of drugs, then

How much sugar

In this activity, you are going to be looking at the amount of sugar in different servings of different foods. I will need you to do as follows: With your