Friday, February 5


  • Free Rice or Plant the Peace during homework check
    • discussion of the image, review of short story terms, and the reading strategies
  • Watch the video on Setting
  • Read up to p. 5, halfway through up to “Why can’t girls go for water too…? from the story The Friday Everything Changed (in the short story tab – password = Lucy9)
  • find the setting clues available in those first 5 pages: Where, When, Social values, or context? Highlight and label right on the PDF if you have Adobe or use a Word document to take down page numbers and parts of the quotes as evidence for the setting clues.
  • Grammar:
    • Review parts of speech at this website
    • Do the Parts of Speech Quiz A – not worth marks; then go over as a class. It is on the blog under Writing and Grammar 9 – you will have to type in the password – go down to Grammar Materials
  • Reminder:
    • your Intro-Write Assignment is due tonight to TEAMS!