Blackout Poetry

Kathy Shong’s poem ‘Love in the Wild’ is inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The poem was ‘found’ on page 12 of the novel The Hunger Games. It explores how love when it is controlled, or has restrictions or rules, is destroyed; it “sits with hunched shoulders”, defeated. Love, here, has been personified. Love’s full potential, however, can be realized if we don’t try to define it or measure it. Freedom to live and love as purely as possible is symbolized by “reaching” the “woods” and the “wild.” The woods, of course, being the place of love, magic and imagination in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Love in the Wild

by Kathy Shong



Friday, November 23


  • Logs due for Afterlife:
    • REMEMBER! 4 quotes
    • plot and vocab – there are lots of good words in this chapter!
  • MONDAY – Spoken Word begins – any volunteers? Going first has its advantages! (wink, wink)
    • if you video your performance and put it on your blog, you will receive bonus points! This is a great way to practice!
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