Monday, November 5


  • Don’t forget to post your Core Competency reflection – see Friday’s instructions
  • Grammar Package #2 is due tomorrow for a homework check and review
  • Introduction to the Novel Study – Paul Fleischman’s The Whirligig. Three (of many) themes emerge:
  • 1. The issue of identity and self-esteem:
    A) Where does self-esteem and our sense of self come from? how does a person develop it?
    B)  How do we lose it?; how is it threatened?; how does our sense of self and self-esteem get diminished?
    C) What might happen to an individual when he/she struggles with self-esteem issues? How might he/she cope?

    2. What is a life worth? The issue of restorative justice and redemption.

    3. The Heroic Journey – both literally and figuratively.

  • We will begin by discussing the first theme.

Friday, November 2


  • videos – watch them!
  • Core Competencies:
    • Creative Thinking (example)
      • What helps you get new ideas?

      Critical Thinking (example)

      • How does your artifact tie in with what you have learned before? How has your thinking changed? What made it change?

      Communication (example)

      • What are some ways that you use to communicate your learning?
      • The hashtags are as follows:



    • Documents to help you:

Thursday, November 1


  • Review the Short Story Unit exam
  • Work on Grammar Package #2 (in the WG tab)
  • Videos must be posted by tomorrow’s class:
    • Step 13: Each group member should have the video on their blog properly posted and ready to show the class and everyone needs to write 4-6 sentences explaining their project and what they did to contribute.
    • make sure your video and mini-paragraph is uploaded to your blog:
      – Title: Stop Motion Video “Name of Story”
      – Category: English 9
      – Tag: stopstoryC2018

Thursday, October 25


  • Mr. Barazzuol will come today to discuss the project: Shong – stop motion instructions-r5xrco
  • Time-line:
    • Thursday, October 25 – intro to the project and the demo
    • Friday, October 26 – work on your story board – show teacher by the end of the class- Homework: collect figures, materials for the setting
    • Monday and Tuesday – October 29, 30 – Start filming
    • Wednesday – Oct 31 – work on video if needed – new unit
    • Thursday –  November 1 – New unit
      –  make sure your video and mini-paragragh is uploaded to your blog:
      – Title: Stop Motion Video “Name of Story”
      – Tag: stopstoryC2018
    • Friday November 2 – watch the videos

Wednesday, October 24


  • Re-tests – begin with:
    • FEC
    • Sea Devil
    • Grammar – Parts of Speech
    • While the tests are occurring – get your silent reading book – no talking
  • Once the re-tests are over, we will discuss your COL project – Media Literacy Project – Stop Motion Video on a short story
  • Start work on Grammar Package #2 in the WG tab