English 12 – Poetry test on Wednesday, June 19

What to study:

  • all the poems on the blog: ‘Packing for the Future’ by Lorna Crozier; the four poems for deconstruction sheet; ‘Richard Cory’; ‘Big Yellow Taxi’; ‘Introduction to Poetry’ by Billy Collins; the latter two poems are in Package #1; ‘Richard Cory’ is in Package #2
    • study the above poems for their meaning and purpose
    • the sound and figurative devices used
  • The poetry review devices and terms in Poetry Package #2
  • The Terminology booklet
  • The booklets on organization and types of poems (skim these only)
  • The test is multiple choice and has 80 questions

Preparing for this test helps you with the Provincial as you are studying terminology you might encounter

Friday, May 3


Work Block: (in order of priority)

  1. Novel – keep reading and working on your roles – next book talk (#5) is Tuesday and #6 is Thursday – class time should be used wisely!!!
  2. Utilize the Spoken Work Materials from both the Writing and Grammar tab and Today in English 12 – brainstorm at the tables for possible topics; look at the ‘Masters’ (headphones); do the Prompts document activity

Monday, April 8


  • Last essay before the Narrative Essay Assignment
    • in the WG tab – Marina Keegan’s essay – read and discuss:
      • what stylistic choices does Keegan use that make her essay compelling? Highlight on the essay – and label the rhetorical strategies
      • What is the conflict that is explored in the essay?
      • What is her argument or the purpose of her essay? Find the line/s that you feel encapsulates your answer