Friday, May 3


Today is a work block. You have number of things on the go; in order of priority:

  1. The Burning Bright section of questions from Fahrenheit is due on Monday.
  2. The Core Competencies Reflections for the presentation is due to be uploaded to your blog this weekend
  3. Brainstorm for Spoken word: watch the videos (with headphones), use the introductory chart to make notes on the content/language manipulation/ delivery manipulation; work through the Prompts exercise where students generate lists for the questions; brainstorm at the tables possible topics (materials are on the Writing and Grammar tab of my blog)
  4. Reminder for Monday: Burning Bright questions are due


Core Competency Reflection

For this project and presentation, you will complete a core competency reflection. Everyone uploads the project to a post (see below) and follows the instructions:

  • Step one: create a post on your Edublog: Title = Fahrenheit 451 Reflection; Tag #1 =  Shong451presreflect; Tag #2  = the name of the competencies that you addressed the most in your reflection (example = creativethinkingcc, criticalthinkingcc) – you can have more than one tag for this part
  • Step two: write in the post a small paragraph about the contributions you made to the presentation – include the work leading up to the presentation that you did, as well your role in the presentation; include your group’s page numbers
  • Step three: read/ refresh your memories by reading through these documents on the Competencies:
  • Step four:
  • Categorize the Post as English 11
  • you must complete this by Friday, May 3