Tuesday, April 7


  • Greetings! We will meet online on TEAMS on TUESDAY, April 7 at 12:25 pm – not on Monday. Be online, looking for the invite through TEAMS and accept it. Click on the screen and the small menu bar will appear; turn your camera on and mute your mic:

  • we will meet and go through the process of how TEAMS works – there will be a small assignment to get you used to how it works
  • please be prepared to cover the following infographic:


Monday, March 9


  • Spelling/vocab quiz for Mr. Know-All
  • theme statement and discussion of the Feminist lens/evaluative reading of Mr. Know-All
  • work on the review – due tomorrow:
  • format of the test:
    • multiple choice on the terms and the four stories
    • composition on either Soft Rains or Know-All
  • REST of the WEEK:
    • Tuesday – Review
    • Wednesday – MC portion of the exam
    • Thursday – the written portion of the exam; choose either Soft Rains or Mr. Know-All
    • Friday – intro to the Novel

Thursday, March 5


  • students will work on the Blooms Taxonomy of questions for Mr. Know-All:
    • think about the discussions we had with the other stories; what kind of questions precipitated those discussions?
    • remember, the goal is to get to the theme – the big idea or insight into the Human Condition
  • This is due for a homework check and discussion tomorrow – use class time wisely!!

Monday, March 2


  • Essays are due:
    • staple the following and put in the folder:
      • good copy
      • an edited paper draft that has been edited with pen to paper edits
      • peer editing sheet
  • Homework check and discussion of the questions for There Will Come Soft Rains
  • Vocab quiz for SR is on Wednesday, March 4

Thursday, February 27


  • a work block – use the class time wisely

    • questions for There Will Come Soft Rains – due Monday, March 2
    • Get a peer-editor to review your hard copy draft today (which should be mostly complete)
    • work on your essay; hand it in on Monday, March 2 in this order:
      • good copy (title, name, date, etc.)
      • an edited rough draft, with evidence of editing on it – attached to the peer editing sheet