Monday, September 24


  • homework check for the following:
    • first two pages of the Parts of Speech grammar package (in Writing and Grammar tab)
    • notes on the first four bullets under the Gandalf picture from Thursday’s class
  • share your thoughts with a partner about the prompts from Thursday’s class
  • Review the grammar
  • start working on the writing assignment

Thursday, September 20


  • mark the Parts of Speech quiz – open Parts of Speech Package (in Writing and Grammar tab) pages 1 and 2 are due for Monday, September 24
  • go over the theme statements and have the tool box of terms open. With a partner:
    • decide which ones you think are the best and why? ie – it fits the rules of writing theme; it gets to the big idea
    • are there grammar mistakes? highlight those as well.
  • Theme statements – download to your desktop: 2018 Block C theme statements-21p7sqc
  • New assignment
    • Good themes: Social change can happen with the small actions of dedicated individuals. OR A movement seldom happens overnight. For the most part, a change in attitude is brought about by small actions.
    • Discuss the following with a partner:
    • How does the above picture relate to FEC? Brainstorm.
    • What is meant by small acts of kindness that are courageous in their own way? Brainstorm some concrete examples from everyday life.
    • Who has been on the forefront of change (school, community, world) but is an ordinary person? (not a celebrity etc.) Brainstorm.
    • Instructions: Find a picture that expresses all of the above: ie of a person, or a situation of everyday kindness and courage: 1. write a small paragraph about the picture and what it communicates and how it connects to Gandalf’s quote and FEC, and small acts of kindness etc., that promote positive change in our society. 2.  Give your post an original title. 3. use one of the good theme statements from the list somewhere in your paragraph 4. post to your blog. Tag: FECchange2018-2 (note the caps and the no spaces)
    • this is due on Wednesday, September 26

Wednesday, September 19


  • Silent Reading – have your notes out on the thematic insight to FEC for a homework check – discussion after
  • open the Tool Box of terms – review the rules and write a theme statement for FEC – hand in
  • Review parts of speech – write the grammar quiz
  • discuss the theme statements
  • introduce writing activity