Wednesday, November 7


  • Sorry: new assignment (while you are in creative composing head-space!) – See Google calander for due dates!
    • Spoken Word (in WG tab)
  • Work on the Narrative, grammar, or start brain-storming for spoken word
  • Create a series of lists (10 items per list work nicely) to inspire your writing: Example – What are….
    1. things that make you unique
    2. things that make you extremely angry
    3. things that make you extremely happy
    4. things that make you sad
    5. things you wish you could paint in vivid detail
    6. things you wish you had learned by now
    7. things that most people don’t know about you
    8. things you wish they taught in school
    9. lies that you’ve been about life
    10. truths that you’ve been told about life
    11. stories about your mother/father/sister/brother/friend/significant other that make you happy/sad
    12. things that make you afraid
    13. things that give you hope


Monday, November 5


  • Don’t forget to post your Core Competency reflection – see Friday’s instructions
  • Grammar Package #2 is due tomorrow for a homework check and review
  • Introduction to the Novel Study – Paul Fleischman’s The Whirligig. Three (of many) themes emerge:
  • 1. The issue of identity and self-esteem:
    A) Where does self-esteem and our sense of self come from? how does a person develop it?
    B)  How do we lose it?; how is it threatened?; how does our sense of self and self-esteem get diminished?
    C) What might happen to an individual when he/she struggles with self-esteem issues? How might he/she cope?

    2. What is a life worth? The issue of restorative justice and redemption.

    3. The Heroic Journey – both literally and figuratively.

  • We will begin by discussing the first theme.

Friday, November 2


  • run on review
  • read Keegan’s essay – due Monday, November 5
  • Questions:
    • Identify all the places Marina manipulates the text for effect in her narrative
    • Where in the essay is she reflective on the purpose of her writing and where do the narrative details occur – real time story
    • where does Marina state her thesis?

Friday, November 2


  • videos – watch them!
  • Core Competencies:
    • Creative Thinking (example)
      • What helps you get new ideas?

      Critical Thinking (example)

      • How does your artifact tie in with what you have learned before? How has your thinking changed? What made it change?

      Communication (example)

      • What are some ways that you use to communicate your learning?
      • The hashtags are as follows:



    • Documents to help you: