Monday, March 1


  • Homework check and discussion of the chart: review the vocab words during homework check
  • Explanation of the COL project – all documents are in the Short Story TAB under the Heading:

    Here are the Materials for various projects:

    Thinglink Bento Box:

  • review of the Parts of Speech quiz

Thursday, February 25


  • The Sea Devil vocab/spelling quiz
  • Homework Check for MJ questions and the plot diagram
  • discussion of the above
  • Write one theme statement that applies to BOTH stories
  • Work on the Chart for the COL assignment – will be posted after the theme statement is completed.
  • HOMEWORK for Monday:
    • make sure you have completed the COL assignment/chart for BOTH The Sea Devil and A Mountain Journey – the document is in the Short Story Tab of the blog but I have posted it here as well: Short Story Chart for COL assignment
    • it is very important that you have quotes and page numbers in the above chart!

Wednesday, Thursday – February 24, 25


  • FEC spelling/vocab quiz
  • Review Mushrooms
  • FEC Composition assignment – discussion
    • Homework for your next face to face class:
      • a SOLID draft with your minimum two quotes from FEC chosen for evidence
      • you will have some time to work on your composition, to review quote integration, and to use the checklist.
      • the Composition will be due for BOTH the A – L and M – Z groups on Wednesday, March 3 at 6:00 pm- you will also have other homework, so make sure you use your time wisely today and over the weekend.

Monday, Tuesday – February 22, 23


  • Homework check:
    • parts of speech Quiz B
    • Theme statement: #9 and 10 of the Response to Terms assignment
  • Review and discuss the rest of The Friday Everything Changed:
    • text to world connections


  • For both groups (A-L = Thursday; M -Z = Wednesday) 

    • study for the FEC vocab/spelling quiz

    • How does the poem ‘Mushrooms’ by Sylvia Plath fit the same ‘umbrella’ theme for The Friday Everything Changed?

Monday, February 22


  • Homework check and discussion of questions #1, 2, and 3 of the Sea Devil, during the HW check, do the following
    • finish any editing or tweaking of your composition – it is due at 6:00 pm today; remember to use the checklist BEFORE you turn in your work in
    • work on The Sea Devil vocabulary: the vocab/spelling quiz for The Sea Devil is Thursday, February 25
  • Finish the Sea Devil Questions for tomorrow
  • New Grammar concepts – start working on this package

Friday, February 19