Monday, Tuesday March 8 – 9


  1. COL project reminders:
  • make sure you have set the Privacy Settings to Unlisted on Thinglink
  • make sure you upload your Thinglink project to your blog post using the embed code, which you can find when you click the Share button on Thinglink
  • make sure you write a small intro to give context to what the assignment is and the platform you used – see here for an example – password = COL
  • make sure you copy and paste the PUBLISHED link of your blog post with the Thinglink project to the RUBRIC, and then upload that to TEAMS by Tuesday, March 9 at 6:00 pm
  • make sure you TAGGED the project for Mr. Barazzuol – TAG = COLprojectEnglish9

2. Introduction to the Novel:

  • All Materials are on the Blog under the Novel Tab
  • Intro Activity for the novel




Friday, March 5


  • Vocab/spelling test for MJ
  • Environment club initiative video
  • COL project:
    • you should have #1, 2, and 3 drafts completed by now
    • today, work on #4, theme, and the text to world thematic connections via either the videos that have been recommended to you: remember you need a minimum of two (correctly integrated) quotes (one from each story) to support your analysis.
    • Remember this project is due on Tuesday, March 9 at 6:pm – today is the in-class period to work on the project

Thursday, March 4


  • the MJ vocab test is postponed until tomorrow
  • you should have completed ALL of #1 info dot
    • you don’t have to upload it yet to Thinglink – do that after you have EDITED all of your work
    • don’t forget you will have to take a good picture of it and save that to your COL project folder
  • #2 and #3 should be completed today in class:
    • #2 characterization in BOTH stories:
      • why is Dave Conroy static? Explain and provide a quote for evidence
      • why is The Sea Devil’s protagonist dynamic? Explain and provide a quote for evidence
    • #3 Symbolism and Irony for one story (matches the story of your Landing Image story)
      • explain an example of symbolism with a quote for evidence
      • explain an example of irony (dramatic or situational – depending on your landing image photo/story) – with a quote for evidence
      • your info-dot or TAG image can match either device
  • The project is due Tuesday, March 9 at 6:00

    • the Rubric with the link to your blog will be posted to TEAMS
    • your Thinglink will be posted to YOUR BLOG: make sure you post the PUBLISHED link -not the draft link

Tuesday, March 3


  • review some of the project requirements
  • where you should start:
    • the English Content
    • #1 is a start: the figurative device – how will you represent the imagery of the figurative device in a drawing that you create yourself; what is the device? Explain how the device/quote brings alive the mood and atmosphere of the story you chose.
    • work your way through each requirement for the info dots, then begin to think about what the objects on the landing should be. Use the chart notes to help you. Which quote/s from the story best supports the device you are focusing on.
    • Will you write a poem or find an existing one? Concepts I should see in the poem and discussed in the mini composition: 
      • how do we, as a society and the way we live, take nature for granted?
      • how do we overestimate ourselves and underestimate nature? what are the consequences?
      • how are nature, animals, and the environment impacted by our hubris?
      • what are the possible solutions? Consume less? fight greed? become more aware? how can we be humbled and learn to respect nature more?