Wednesday, February 17


  • homework check and review of the Parts of Speech Quiz B (in the WG tab of the Blog)
  • work on the FEC writing composition: Questions?
  • review the rubric for the FEC composition – steps:
    • re-read the story
    • read the notes on the story on the blog
    • read the Gandalf connections notes
    • read over the instructions and the rubric
    • start a draft – and just write – nothing is perfect the first time around – get your thoughts down, then you can go back and edit and organize
  • Grammar Quiz is on Friday:
    • What to study:
      • parts of speech – be able to identify what a word is in a sentence
      • you will also have to write a sentence using the required parts of speech AND label the various parts of speech
      • everything you need to study is in the WG tab of the blog

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