Monday, March 11


  • Sea Devil vocab quiz
  • Homework check: quote connection for Suzuki essay and The Sea Devil
  • Remaining sources:
    • James Cameron’s Titanic essay
    • Margaret Atwood’s forward to Suzuki’s book Legacy
    • Dr. Seuss quote
    • Indigenous Poem by Carlene George
  • Review – discuss connections
  • Inquiry Question – which one/s work? How do all of these sources speak to or answer one of them?REST of the WEEK:
  • Tuesday – Review the Poster assignment – work on – due April 2
  • Wednesday – The Veldt  questions due Friday for HW check and discussion
  • Wednesday – quiz on 1, 2, 3 and 8 of the grammar concepts
  • Thursday: Secondary Source for the Veldt – There are many connections from our present day to the Veldt; how does “Touchscreen” relate to it?
    – Work day for the Veldt questions
    – the summative assignment for it is due the end of the first week back – April 5
  • Friday – Blog log due

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