kathyGreetings, my name is Kathy Shong; I have been teaching since 1995, and I have been teaching at Riverside Secondary since 2003. I teach English and the Journalism program which produces the student newspaper, the Eddy. I love reading, writing and discussing the writing of others – especially of my students’. My passion is to facilitate students in their appreciation and understanding of “the power and beauty of the word.” I look forward to meeting, getting to know you, and working with you.

There are so many great quotes that inspire me, but here are two that I come back to regularly…. Enjoy!

Top qualities employers are looking for

Edublog Feed Form 2017 – 2018 Click Here

Here is a direct link to Office 365


Wow! Great life advice from Ashton Kutcher!

Some other fun videos for all things English (things…?)

The History of English

Why we Read and Write by John Green

And this…. because it is beautiful!

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

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