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Pedestrian persuasive Video 12

Social media is great. You can message your friends and see what’s going on in the world. Share memes and opinions. As social media becomes the infrastructure of speech more and more, social media companies hold the power over opinions that are publicized. It is more important than ever that we hold companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter accountable to an equal and fair playing field for everyone.

Social media has changed the way we communicate and get out news. It, also has the power to pick and choose which news articles and post get to be seen. Others that do not agree with political views of the overseeing company are hidden or in some cases banned. Bans or temporary bans happen with mostly right-wing people like Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, James Woods, Jesse Kelly, Megan Murphy, etcetera. Some of these people may have been let back in at some point, but no one should be banned in general here. Social media companies are using policies to justify their censorship, but as social media is becoming the way we communicate, we need to support freedom of speech and the free flow of ideas without retaliation; no matter what ideology they belong too. We need companies to straighten themselves out or abandon the platform and move to other media platforms like Reddit, Float plane, or 4 chan where freedom of speech is more widely accepted. Without freedom of speech, there will be no debate or discussion. Social media has given use instant access to people, news, and entertainment, but are we free to speak our minds.

P.S. Do not visit 4 Chan.

Constructive, Deconstructive and Standing Wave Interference- Physics 11

Standing Wave: When interfering waves, have the same amplitude and wavelength, the resultant interference pattern remains nearly stationary and is called as standing wave interference pattern, a nodal point is a point that remains at rest throughout the interference of the pulses.

Deconstructive Wave: When a crest and trough meet “the waves are out of phase” the energies combine work against each other – they tend to cancel out.

Constructive Wave: When a crest from one source meets a crest from another source, the energies combine to displace the medium (energies are the additive), same thing occurs when trough meets trough.

How do noise canceling headphones use wave interference to eliminate unwanted sound?

The noise cancelling headphones transmit equal but opposite wavelengths which cancels out the sound/noise just like how deconstructive waves work.

4 Types of Waves – Physics 11

Periodic Wave Description: Wave recurring at regular intervals.

Pulse Wave Description: Non-repeating wave.

Longitude Wave Description: Several turns of the spring are compressed and let go. Disturbance is in the same direction as the direction of the travel, “Lengthwise.”

Transverse Wave Description: Spring is pulled sideways (disturbance is at right angle to the direction that the wave will travel).