5 thoughts on “Astronomy Wonder Project

  1. You had good detail into the presentation and the activity that you had the people watching do in order to keep them engaged and interested.

  2. Krista had a great question which makes you think, also had some real life applications as to not trust eveyrything you hear. Presentation included the people watching with fun games to test your thinking process. Used communication and personal awareness which we learned in the core competencies. Great work!

  3. Krista, I think that the presentation was put together very well and it was very organized. The end questions made whoever reads this think and stay engaged with the presentation, the clips and videos helped with this too. I liked that there were photos included and they showed that some were fake and others were real. overall I really liked the presentation, nice work!

  4. Krista, What a great inquiry question to explore and one that will continue to be relevant as new information and knowledge in continually discovered, and especially in this technology emphasized society. I like the clickable links in your post. When I came to the end of your post I was sad as I wanted to read more.

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