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Surface Area of a Sphere

Today in Math Honours 10, we experimented with a real test of the surface area of a sphere. My partner for this experiment was Alhan, and we took apart an orange to show that the formula for the surface area of an orange is 4 \pi r^2 .

We started by cutting our orange in half, and peeling it…

Next we traced the circumference of the oranges onto paper multiple times…

After that we carefully pulled the orange peels apart and placed them inside of the circles, one at a time, insuring that there was no white spaces and no overlapping.

Finally we came up with our formula 4 \pi r^2 .

Garibaldi Lake Task

Image result for garibaldi lake

To estimate the volume of Garabaldi lake I’m going to multiply the average lake depth by the lake area.

119 m x 9940000

= 1 182 860 000  Metre’s Cubed or approximately 1 trillion litres.

The average lake depth and the lake area is based on


Approximately 1 trillion litres of water exist in Garibaldi Lake

The Barrier is 1,400 metres tall, so if the 1 trillion litres of water comes crashing down into Squamish.

The lava barrier is an unstable dam for this big lake. The potential energy is 200 times the energy released by the bomb on Hiroshima.

“If the barrier were to explode or fall apart in an earthquake, the wave that would be produced by all that water flowing out of Garibaldi Lake down into Squamish would be 120 metres high,”

-Steve Quane from Quest University

Who did a $12,000 study in July 2014, to map and assess the danger of Garibaldi Lake.

potential energy is the water behind the Barrier, and kinetic energy (motion) is what happens if the barrier faults, and all the water comes out.

Ken or Peggy?

Have you ever made a choice that you later regretted? Of course, you have, because we make wrong decisions all the time. The magnitude of the decision, was probably less then what Peggy’s was, after making her choice. In the short story “Choices” by Susan Kerslake, the protagonist, Peggy, makes the choice to go away for a weekend with her causal boyfriend Ken. The consequence that Peggy faced, was probably greater then your choice to “watch Netflix all night instead of studying for your math final.” The conflict is Person vs. Self, therefore it has to be Peggy’s fault otherwise the conflict would be incorrect. Some might argue that it was Ken’s fault for causing the accident. But in the end, it was Peggy who said that “….there had been a choice, that this was the matter of a choice….if she’d had to go, a line of duty, emergency… But this. For no reason.”(pg. 11) She knew that there was no reason for her to go except for the fact that she wanted to “Be able to close the door behind her, leaving laundry, a couple of dishes, unanswered letters…. perversely good feeling. Surrendering to the uncommunicative wilderness, a place without. Should she die tomorrow, someone else could deal with the dirty sink.” (pg. 4) This really represented her outlook on life before that car ride. She was naïve and arrogant, she assumed she was invincible. She essentially wasn’t willing to risk her life for her relationship with Ken, so why make the choice to go on a trip with him?

Sam the Athlete- Character Sketch


“’I can’t sleep…. I need new sneakers’” (pg. 59) is not something that a 12-year-old boy would normally say in the middle of the night. For Sam, it appears to be the only thing that mattered. Shoes that would fit in, not just fit. In Stuart McLean’s story “Sam the Athlete”, Sam is just starting Middle School, and is concerned about adjusting to this new chapter of life. I imagine Sam as being a short, skinny boy, who has an impish face, and can be mischievous. He doesn’t know what his strengths are, he only knows his weakness’s. When he saw the poster for field hockey tryouts he immediately thought to himself “Hockey without skates…. this is the sport he had been looking for all his life.” (pg.66) It didn’t matter what sport Sam was playing, because all he wanted to be was an athlete. “It was the first time anyone had welcomed Sam to a team, ever” (pg. 67) The story suggests that Sam is outgoing, but doesn’t quite know how to express himself until the end of the story when he dives for the ball, and makes a game winning save. In that moment, Sam thought that there might be a silver lining to the future, even if he never quite understood the rules.


Stuart McLean is a Canadian storyteller, who captures the hearts of many with his captivating stories. May he rest in peace.