Feminism Article



  1. The article i chose is about not representing woman on boards for sports.
  2. It involves woman to not be able to get paid the same amount and how the amount of woman in some sport organizations has actually fallen by %1 to %16.6. Only nine sport federations out of the 28 Olympic sports have met the %20 percent target.
  3. I chose this article because when i saw that woman get paid %30 less than men in some sports i was really surprised, because there are a lot of female sports players that are better than some of the well known male athletes.
  4. It relates to “The Friday everything changed” because they both posses the same problem, woman not having the same opportunities as men. in the story the girls couldn’t carry the water, and in sports they don’t get to be seen as much and they make less money as well.

Digital Footprint

  • How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?

Your digital footprint can affect some aspects of your life. if your trying to get into a university they are going to look at your digital footprint to see if you’re a good student to have. it can also effect job interviews when they’re picking between you and another person, they are going to pick the person with the better footprint. your digital footprint can make or break your future careers, that’s why its important to have a good digital footprint throughout your life.

Rubik's Cube on Book
by Igor Alshin
Photo of a Laptop on Top of Table
  • describe any strategies to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

    Footprints On Sand
    by Frans Van Heerden

you can keep it safe by posting nice and appropriate stuff on your blog. post nice and constructive comments  on other peoples blogs and help them out if they need it. search up appropriate stuff on the internet and make sure you’re learning from them as well. also if yo can ask questions on your teacher’s blog so that you understand your assignment or project a bit better, they would be happy to help.


  • what information did you learn that you would pass on to other students?
Red Coca Cola Zero Signage
Negative Space

its more public than you might expect, everything you do online, weather you like it or not, you might be leaving digital footprints behind. your footprint reveals so much about you that it’s used by businesses to target you with offers and advertisements that are directed straight towards you. what you post online cant easily be erased. every like, retweet, and snap we send becomes part of our online record.