Kota’s Goals

Personal goal:

In my personal goal, I will read English novels at the end of each week.I plan to go to Coquitlam library on every weekend.if I don’t know English vocabulary so that I translate language.I ask for the recommendation of the shop person, or I will search by listening to a friend’s recommendedbook. Especially, reading books I know, it is easier for me to understand story.


Academic goal:

In the next marking period,I will get a D in Science. I plan to take careful notes and translate my languages and homework so that I can ask the teacher questions about what I don’t understand. I will do my science homework before I do things with friends, and when I hand it in, I will confirm the homework issued at the end of the class. I ask the teacher about what I could not understand in homework.When I get anything wrong, I will make sure to ask the teacher, one of my classmates, and my homestay family how they got the right answer.



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