Should Canada Confederate?

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    I think Canada should confederate because that cannot always controlled by other countries, Canada have lots of resources, includ nature, economic,or other capacity and Canada has its own cultural characteristics. It can be democratic and great country.

    Jeff Zhang

    1.Canada population is great enough to form a big market during mid-nineteenth century. It provides a chance for Canada to build up her own complete industry system which covers from ordinary supplies producing to large machinery manufacturing. Canada economy is no more relying on Britain. The former economic relationship between Britain and Canada is not necessary to maintain anymore.
    2. British instructions and policies which were sent from England were not exactly corresponding Canada’s conditions anymore. Canada needed to build up her own government to manage her own land. British rule needed to be terminated.


    I think Canada should become a confederate remain British. If Canada independent from British, Canada has many problems. For example they don’t have own language, law and own army. If they have own power, they don’t have own skill or abilities they can’t make a money and can’t be improving. Then British people and French people use very different language so they hard to unify. So I think Canada can’t stand up alone.


    Independence can be out of the control of the colonists,Independent will make Canada a free country,No longer controlled by other countries, to become a country of freedom and democracy,Canadians can get more benefits


    Im for both, but leaning towards yes. Because Quebec would do much better without Canada, they have different language and culture from the rest of Canada. They want to govern themselves differently from what Canada is doing now. Canada is hostile to them, they would rather have their own rules without having any kind of fear of any kind. They should be able to have their own opinions. It is not right to force Quebec to stay in Canada if the majority of the citizens are unhappy. They should be able to keep their languages and culture the way they want too.


    Canada should be confederation. There have 3 major reasons to prove Canada should be confederation. First reason is Canada should have strong power to defend the USA. Canada cannot always rely to the Great Birtish. Canada should be have own power and train by Birtish. Second reason is there are many different people live in Canada. There have a different culture and religion. That’s mean is have new race in this land. The third reason, Canada people could have more benefit on the economy. People will get more money during the trade.


    I think Canada should become its own nations if they want to.
    -first nations has the right to be independent whenever they want.
    -they have to build their own army. if British keep protects the first nations, first nations will depend on British. if they build their own nations and make their own army, they can protect their land whenever other country attacks them.


    From my perspective, I think Canada shouldn’t confederate. Firstly, after long-term war, there wasn’t enough resources and money for so many Canadian to move to next step together. Therefore, it would be more beneficial for Canada to be carried on by other well-developed country. Secondly, as for a country which was conformed by various colonies, if no one stood out and took control instead of just want to confederate, they would probably messed up by easily because of the conflicts and differences. Thus they really need a leader during that period and have a clear direction. All in all, it is not a good idea for Canada to confederate and be independent.


    in my opinion, i think Canada should not confederate.
    1. if canada got independent, it might lose the strength of English and French might donate and give them, and the internal of Canada may be much more aggressive and dangerous.
    2. if Canada got independent, French ,English and other countries of people may hate them and do as more wars as they can to against Canada, it must be very dangerous for Canada’s society and culture.

    To sum up, Canada should better not be confederate.

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