Should Canada Confederate?

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    Pick a side:

    Do you think Canada should confederate and become its own nation or should it remain a British colony?

    Provide at least two reasons for your idea.


    I think Canada should confederate. Because Canada have a lot of natural resources, it is definitely will be okay if Canada become independent.
    We have nice big flat land in Prairies that can grow plants and farm animals.
    We have Port in both west and east side that can trade with other country.
    Mostly, we can feed ourselves so I think it’s okay if we confederate and become a country.


    I think it should be independent,the reason is the people in Canada can do the decision by themselves. And it is good for people’s life, it has the prosperity of business and economic circulation.


    Yes, I think Canada should confederate.
    Reason 1. They can get more room to design the law which is suitable for Canadian.
    Reason 2. They can have their own business partner to make more profit.


    Yes, I think canada should confederate
    Because they can get more source
    They can joined United national
    They have a army
    Can build a democratic and free Canada


    I think Canada should be confederate, because Britain no longer gives Canada enough profit, high taxes, but with very few support; and The British rule no longer fits the circumstances and the people in Canada, If Britain continue to get involve with it, the local French and the Canadians and the local British would have war, and the British have no time to solve and support this, USA will also see the opportunity to invade. But if Canada confedrate, they could costomize their own laws to fit the local circumstances and solve the crises, build their own industry to make weapons and other things they never imagine before, the British will never have a chance to stop and take the profit anymore

    Robin Chen

    I think Canada should be a confederate and become its own nation because they can have their own land and they can have their own resources. They don’t need to be control by British. They can have their own culture.


    I think colonies should confederate because of political, military and economical reasons. First of all for military reasons they colonies might think that they are under pressure since America had fought Britain to gain its independence the relationship between British North America and the United States had never been stable. It may have decided to encourage the colonies to join together, because the United States would be less likely to attack Canada if it were a self-governing country rather than separate colonies of Britain. The fear of the United States helped to strengthen the call for Confederation. secondly some political reasons such as the government of the Province of Canada did not run smoothly because the English-speaking and French-speaking halves had different ideas about how things should be run. Leaders from both parts of the province decided that joining the other colonies might help solve their own political problems. lastly for the economic side, In order for their economies to do well, the colonies needed to be able to sell their goods to other markets. At this time there were very few places that they could sell to because Britain was controlling the trade. One solution was to bring all the colonies together. In this way they could more easily sell their goods to each other.


    I think Canada should confederate and become its own nation, because people are worried about their situation. First of all they are worried about an American invasion, they don’t feel safe. They think that if they united they can protect themselves and their land better. We can see that the current system is not working by looking at the conflicts between British and French. Since the system is not working great, they have to make a change to make things better. Also colonies are growing and they are building railroads and roads which cost a lot of money. It’s pointless for colonies to be separate because they would have more taxes and more money to pay their debts as they are growing. That’s why Canada should confederate.


    Confederation was justified in public by the arguments that French Canadians would get back their provincial identity and their capital would once more be Québec; the Anglophone domination of Ottawa feared by French Canadians would be mitigated by the presence of strong French Canadian representation in the federal cabinet; and Confederation was the least undesirable of the changes proposed. In my opinion Canada should Confederate to get all power. If every territory, every province, every city, everyone come together, Canada may get better for its power.


    I think Canada should not become an independent country. Firstly, Canada will probably lose the protection from Britain if Canada is going to become an independent country and they might not be able to defence themselves if other countries are attacking them.
    Secondly, many of the people are the loyalty of Britain, maybe when Canada become an independent country, those people will no longer to stay in Canada and turn back to England. The population of Canada will decrease and it will affect the economy. Because most of the Britain are rich and they actually affect the economy.


    I think Canada should confederate and become its own nation, because in that way, Canadians can have their own culture and faith, people can feel more free. An other reason is, if Canada become its own nation, it will have it’s own government and fight as a country instead of a colony.


    In my opinion, Canada should not become an independent nation. There are several reasons support my opinion. First, Canada did not have enough money and also Canada was not enough rich. I think Canada remain a British colony was better choice. Because Canada’s resources were almost from British which as fish. Second, Canada had different concerns. The reason was each area has different government as provincial governments. It shows each area has different low system and rule. This reason support that difficult to adapt for different government. Thirdly, Canada did not have enough protection and military forces. Moreover, right after Canada became an independent nation, Canada was not stable. Thus I think Canada should not become an independent nation.

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    i think Canada should not independents, because Canada don’t have unified regime, they don’t have leader and government at that time.Moreover, when America attack to Canada,
    we don’t have enough power to contend so we should depend with British so they would protect their territory.secondly, Canada have low productivity,not enough money and power so we needs to depend with British is a better choice for getting more trade partner.thirdly, Canada have same language with British so it better than depend with French or other country.Overall, Canada are not good enough to be independents at that time so i think they should depend with British.


    I think Canada should become its own nation because if Canada remained a British colony, they had to work hard. In addition, Canada had to offer their own rights for British colony if Canada became dependent on the British colony. Moreover, if Canada became dependent from the British, they wouldn’t be free then, they wouldn’t be able to do something for themselves. Therefore, Canada should become its own nation.

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