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    Based on your research into the different First Nations groups that we have done, which group do you think would have the easiest lifestyle and why?


    Inuit.Because Eskimos hunting is the main way of life. But later they began by gathering berries and other plants for food.

    Jeff Zhang

    Iroquois. Because they can do both planting crops and hunting. Crops can make their food income stable and also they can hunt in an ordinary day to get some quick and easy food.


    Plains people is more better than other people’s life style at that time. They live in tent, this tent made of animal skin and it has water proof ability. They used very modern weapons (keen arrow, Tomahwk ). Then usually hunt deer, moose, elk and fresh fishes. They smartly every season they change to clothes. And then they know how to hunt animals and make a plan for hunt. They also have own language.


    The Iroquois has the easiest lifestyle because they don’t need to hunt animals hardly unlike other first nations group. Usually, The Iroquois eats fish, meet, and vegetables. It means they do farming. In the case of other groups, they have to hunt animals that hard to catch. Moreover, The Iroquois is able to get fresh water and air because their shelter is covered with forest and river.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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