British North America and New France

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    We will now be starting the portion of our course where we will be looking at the British colonization of North America with the creation of British North America. We have previously studied how the French first established their colony with New France.

    Write a paragraph response predicting what sort of conflict or compromise will occur between the British, the French, and the First Nations. Within your paragraph you must answer the following:

    1. Which group do you feel will ultimately end up victorious and why?
    2. Do you foresee any alliances being formed between any of the groups? How do you think these alliances will be useful?
    3. How do you predict this conflict could impact the controlling countries (England and France) back in Europe?
    4. If you were a member of the winning nation, what would you decide to do with the other nation’s people and colonies?

    After you have written your response, find one person’s post that you agree with their points and write a reply explaining in good detail why you agree with them. Then find one person’s post that you disagree with and write a reply explaining in good detail why you disagree with them.

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