Socials 10 – February 13, 2018

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Shape of the day:

  1. Attendance
  2. Introduce Unit 2 – Various Perspectives of Canadian Identity.
  3. Introductory writing assignment – How do you identify Canada and being Canadian?
    1. Find 2 resources online – Either a picture, video, news article, blog post, etc (can’t use the same type of resource for each).
    2. Embed these or copy a link to them into an Edublog post.
    3. Answer the following questions in well-written paragraphs for each resource.
      1. Explain why you picked the resources that you did.
      2. How does this reflect your perspective of Canadian Identity?  What is it about this resource that makes you think it is an accurate portrayal of Canada or being Canadian?
      3. Pick either a different time period or different cultural background than your own.  How do you think they would view the resources that you picked?  Would their views of the resources be the same as yours?  If not, how would they differ?
      4. Tag with #socialsperspectives
    4. Part 2 – You will be put in a group of 4 and given a large sheet of paper.
      1. As a team, you will need to discuss the various components of Canadian Identity.
        1. What characteristics make someone Canadian?
        2. What conditions do you think need to be met for someone to be Canadian?
        3. What symbols/expressions would identify someone as Canadian?
        4. Are there other factors that would impact Canadian Identity?

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