IT 10 – September 11, 2015

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Shape of the day:

  1. Attendance and Question of the day?
    1. What is your favorite after school activity and why?
  2. Typing Test – You will open up TypingTest and complete two minute timed tests using the “Rules of Baseball” option.  Your goal is to pass the test with an adjusted speed above 33 words per minute.  You can take as many attempts as needed to reach that goal.  Once you have completed the requirement successfully, show Mr. Jamieson your score before moving on to the next activity.
  3. Today we will be starting our first assignment.  This is a basic assignment that will be used to assess your level of competency with some basic computer functions and skills.  You will have until the end of class on Tuesday September 15 to complete the assignment.  Once completed you will have a short quiz that you will need to do.
  4. Start by downloading the assignment from the IT 10 assignments page.

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